Keiran Lovett

Game Designer


Hello, my name is Keiran Lovett and I am a game developer with a focus on game design and level mechanics. Born in Australia, I've spent the last nine years pursuing degrees and experience in game development and design in Hong Kong, the cultural and economic gateway to Asia. In my own creative work I aim for perfection and originality, and my thinking and lifestyle follow this same rule. I have a keen focus on game design and apply my knowledge to create truly unique and polished products.

Keiran Lovett

  • I play Xbox.
  • My first gaming device.
  • My my gaming device.
  • I am Australian.
  • I live in Hong Kong.
  • I am part of China.
  • I want to be part of Norway.
  • I want to be part of Sweden.
  • I want to be part of Denmark.

Me Girl: Slots

The next game in the original 3d fashion game series for mobiles. Dress up and win big as a glamorous models meeting all variants of charmers.

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A mobile game with a emphasis on focus and meditation. Players use brainwave sensors to help solve puzzles and calm their mind.

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Taffy Three

A first-person shooter game where players command a fleet of ships engaging in strategic and dynamic naval warfare.

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Opinion: The Future of Game Studios

The last five years of game industry has seen radical changes that has shaped the consumers, the publishers, and the attitude of gamers. The largest changes being the democratizing of gaming consumption and creation and groundbreaking business models. As for the future, it’s safe enough to say that the game industry is reaching a new peak of innovation. We are on the fringe of a whole new breed of smaller, more focused a far studios creating smaller AAA games, and we are even having games being made by the gamers themselves.