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I'm happy to showcase my small contribution to Brand HK's latest campaign "Creative Hong Kong", in their latest video "Wall to Wall Creativity" I showcase a small game I designed while a student at Savannah College of Art and Design Hong Kong. You can check out the article here, or read the excerpt below. Read

We wanted to quickly get a benchmark of the VR industry to see potential areas of growth and possible cost / benefits of developing games for the various platforms. The below used various sources of official and speculated data to help get a better guage on the profits globally and within China.... Read

In June 2016, the Chinese government's censorship body SAPPRFT announced some big changes for mobile game publishing in China. Starting July 1, 2016, every game will require pre-approval in order to be published on the Chinese market.While independent developers can handle the approval process... Read

I am pleased to announce that my first published game, LKF Play has won the Mob-Ex 2017 Gold Award for Best Location Based Marketing. Awards ListingYour browser does not support the video tag.Thanks to all the team at Lan Kwai Fong Group, who believed and helped to execute on my vision. We... Read

Recently I gave a small talk at one of Hong Kongs monthly game developer meetups on my experiences and thoughts regarding Virtual Reality. After talking to numerous studios in Hong Kong and a few global designers with the topic, I'd realised there was a lot of basic knowledge that laymen and even "v... Read

Corsair is a solution to a current entertainment trends within the space and sci-fi genre. There’s a multitude of issues and difficulties with space simulation games, many often requiring a higher barrier of entry in terms of skill and passion to the genre, or complexity and scope. Corsair aims to... Read

This summer, the Hong Kong Museum of Art and The Friends of the Hong Kong Museum of Art co-organised a programme on electronic game design for secondary school students, in partnership with SCAD Hong Kong. I was selected to help teach students games and the state of the industry through a two-week intensive workshop. Read

Expresso is an extension for Photoshop CC that improves the texturing workflow for 3D Artists. With a built in 3D model previewer (turntable and 3D lighting) and amazing map and layer manager this is a great tool to improve the workflow of any indie 3D artist. Read

I’m a hardcore Bungie fan, they’re the studio that made me want to become a professional game designer. While I still love Destiny, I feel like Bungie could have done much more exciting things to sell us the concept of “a dynamic and social world”. Bungie’s pretty well known as dreaming big and missing a lot of ideas the first time, so I have high hopes for whatever Destiny 2 is. However here’s a few “wishlist” ideas I’d personally love to see in further iterations. Read

A curated list of GDC, TED, and noteworthy discussions on the topic of Game Design.VideosGDC Talks[2015, GDC] Designing Monument Valley: Less Game, More Experience: Ken Wong (UsTwo Games) [2015, GDC] How to Make Your Game Just Completely Hilarious: The Stanley Parable: William Pugh (R... Read